Jerry springer passes away

Jerry Springer, the former mayor of Cincinnati and long-time host of a tabloid talk show known for its outrageous arguments, thrown chairs, and physical confrontations, has passed away at the age of 79, according to a statement from a family spokesperson on Thursday.

Springer’s ability to connect with people was at the heart of his success, said Jene Galvin, a lifelong friend and spokesperson for the family. Springer was known as the “grandfather of trash TV” and embraced the title, acknowledging that his show presented some of the outrageousness that had not been seen on television before.

The Jerry Springer Show aired over 4,000 episodes and received both criticism and praise for its content. Springer himself described it as “silly, crazy and has no redeeming social value other than an hour of escapism.”

Before his television career, Springer studied political science and law and served as the mayor of Cincinnati. He later became a news anchor before launching his talk show, which began in Cincinnati before becoming nationally syndicated.

Springer’s career also included hosting a podcast and a new show, “Judge Jerry,” which aired on NBC in 2018. In honor of his memory, Springer’s family requested charitable donations or acts of kindness for those in need.

Following Springer’s death, tributes poured in from fellow television hosts and colleagues, including Sally Jessy Raphael and actor Marlon Wayans.